Our Vision

You are the innovator.


As a young executive at my first startup, I attended a six sigma training hosted by General Electric for a select group of CEO’s. The leaders in the room explained that the year over year growth goals for this $60B+ company required massive investment in acquisition of other companies. This was also a major source of innovation for GE.

That day I realized that the primary source of innovation and progress in our economy isn’t from the Blue Chips. Innovation comes from the ground up.

The entrepreneurs building new systems, new products and new markets are driving our economy forward. Smart teams of dedicated people working on big challenges are shaping the future landscapes of design and technology.

At Media Tractor, we’re in love with small, highly productive teams of smart people working on big challenges. We champion the business owners leading companies that support new markets and families within their communities. We celebrate team leads striking out to create new advancements within their larger organization.

We love the pioneers who are discovering new frontiers. From local businesses seeking to serve a larger customer base, to a growing organization expanding into global markets, we are on your side.

Our team is dedicated to building and executing strategic plans using proven digital strategies, excellent branding and amazing content to achieve your goals.

You are the innovator. You are making a difference. We can help.


Nick Runyon
President, Owner

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