What is Your I/S Ratio?

Scale is sexy. Everyone wants to scale. Scale means winning. Scale means that we thought it all through, resourced the constraints, avoided the threats and built a rocket ship. Scale gets rewarded.

But, what happens when achieving something at scale changes the essence of what you were trying to achieve in the first place?

That great boutique experience that made a company so successful can be destroyed when in the push for greater profits, we lose sight of what was so impactful at the beginning through the process of achieving scale. The nonprofit that pushes too quickly becomes focused on the numbers rather than the vision. Impact of the brand, of the mission, of the product is lost.

Any system has the natural tendency to atrophy, delivering lower quality results than were originally anticipated when pushed to scale.

If one wants to grow one’s business, and maintain that sense of calling and impact that was core to the whole thing at the beginning, one must consider keeping a bulldogged, locked-jaw grip on Impact. After all, Impact is the hard part.

At Media Tractor, we love working with people and organizations on a mission. That’s what sets our clients apart. They’re in it to win, but they’re in it to bless others along the way. Good things shine so bright because good things are hard to find. Blowing the doors off of a marketing campaign at the expense of losing Impact on your customers or users is a loss.

Fight for the “Why”. Maintain the Vision, and don’t compromise. The road may be a bit longer, but the rewards will be sweet and nearly unbreakable in the end.

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