You don't have to choose

Quality or Quantity? 

Living at this point in history is awesome because we can do almost anything we can imagine. This includes changing the world...which is what we're talking about today. 

Change is possible (Quality) and reaching the world is possible (Quantity). Why then, do so many organizations force themselves to choose one or the other. Oh, they don't come out and say it this way, but we know which they have chosen by the words they use and the things that get resourced. 

It is understandable why we gravitate toward one or the other; changing the world is hard. If it isn't easy to get both, then let's choose one...right? 

What if we didn't choose between the two? It's a false choice anyway. 

Quality and Quantity are inversely related naturally. But, our measure of success may need to shift from the number of people being reached to some metric that begins to capture the quality and depth of contact across an increasing number of interactions. 

Most would use 'Net Promoter Score' to capture the blend of quality and quantity.  

By focusing on a higher quality engagement, teams will naturally reach fewer people at first (if nothing else changes), but over time with the introduction of systems and processes that maintain that magical high quality interaction, we can change the world. 

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