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Turn Your Vision into Reality

Vision leads to Strategy.
Strategy leads to Process.
Process leads to Technology.

And when properly executed, Vision becomes Reality! If you love what you’re doing, and are passionate about your vision, we’d love to help. It is awesome to hear about the projects close to your heart and how Media Tractor can help you grow. 

Meet the Team

Nick Runyon

Founder, CEO

Nick began his career as part of a tech startup, working to become the Marketing Director for a growing dot-com where he built performing sales teams and developed metric-based advertising strategy.

In 2008 Nick joined Global Media Outreach. As COO, Nick lead the organization to reach over 1 Billion people through innovative advertising and marketing campaigns.

Today Nick and his family live in Bozeman, Montana. Nick and his team are passionate about leveraging technology and industry best practices to build successful business strategies for Media Tractor clients. Believing that making others better makes us all better, Nick participates in coaching, training and speaking engagements around the world, sharing his experience and learned best practices to improve the businesses and organizations of others.


Nils Smith

director of marketing

Nils is the Director of Marketing for Media Tractor helping leaders turn their vision into reality using media and marketing. He began his career as a Youth Pastor where social media was core to how he did ministry. Out of those ministry efforts he launched and led the ministry of OnlineChurch.com building a global online church reaching thousands and began consulting small business and nonprofit organizations around social media. 

Nils has a deep passion to help leaders accomplish their goals through strategic marketing and media efforts. Beyond consulting you will find Nils investing into leaders through one of his books, podcast recordings or vlog episodes on YouTube. You will also find him speaking at conferences around the world about media and marketing best practices.

Nils and his family live in New York City, but his roots are from Texas and his loyalty is to the Astros. Go Stros!


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